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Customer Reviews


"I ordered a couple of pieces from
MNSH, and the delivery was so quick! I live abroad, and it was so amazing to have the products delivered to me in no time. Can't wait to style these!
-Mona Jalan- "


"To add some edge to my look, I always love to pair it with MNSH Petra chain from their new Petra collection. I am in love with their stunning pieces.


"I found it difficult to find a brand
that has products that are good for daily wear or work wear but I came across MNSH & was completely in awe of their collection! Stunning designs, masterpieces and all of them plated in 22kt gold.
-Sapna Mehta-"

"Thanks MNSH for the super quick delivery and service! Your customer help was impeccable, from quick replies to call backs. It was amazing! You guys really did put the customer first, and I will for sure be ordering again!!!My younger sister will be so happy with her cute little pendant, I can't wait to give it to her!
-Shruti Rao-"


"For my accessories I went in with my favourite MNSH hoop earrings and their iconic Kallista cuff, such a statement and so subtle at the same time!

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At MNSH all our designs are handcrafted by our highly skilled craftsmen with a keen attention to detail. We strive to provide you the finest quality of products. Each of our pieces is polished to perfection & plated with 22kt gold. We do not believe in mass production and keep all our collections small and limited. It is important for us to keep our uniqueness by limiting the production of our pieces as we believe that our designs are as unique as the person wearing them.

Few designs maintain their style and beauty for decades but at MNSH we ensure that each of our styles remain eternally sophisticated & timeless. We are proud to produce all our products in India offering quality designs of the highest calibre. At MNSH we celebrate you for who you are & promise creations that compliment that uniqueness. 

MNSH- Make A Statement 🖤